LAFD Brush Fire Season Inspections to Begin Soon!

LAFD Brush Fire Season Inspections to Begin Soon!

  • Courtney Kohl Paulson
  • 03/24/22

The LAFD Brush Clearance Program (BCP) is set to begin their inspection process soon and fines could be up to $2,000 for any property owners who do not comply with the codes.

With fire season around the corner, homeowners in high-risk areas will be receiving letters from the City of LA outlining the inspection process and how to avoid any fees related to non-compliance. DO NOT THROW THESE LETTERS IN THE TRASH WITH THE JUNK MAIL!

Beginning on May 1st, if your property fails to meet the BCP standards, you will be subject to the $33 inspection fee from the LAFD. If you follow the guidelines set by the BCP, the inspection fee is waived. Thereafter, the fines increase dramatically every time your property does not meet the codes.

You can click here to find out if the BCP applies to your property and what you need to do in order to comply and avoid penalties. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CLEARING YOUR OWN PROPERTY and the Los Angeles City Fire Department is the final authority in determining compliance

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